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What the heck troPSDNUORGWEN!

2017-02-28 17:12:45 by CoolNinjaTMNTfan

@troPSDNUORGWEN is kind of a weirdo.  If you look at his news post, you can see that he kept on saying frik over and over again while catting with a person named Gary.

Again, why did troPSDNUORGWEN type that?  Now i feel like unfollowing him! >X(

Who's the real Sonic?

2017-02-13 20:01:32 by CoolNinjaTMNTfan



or @SonicTheHedgehog06?

(When i typed in SONIC it showed a person with his user name @Sonic without capital letters besides S.


2017-02-11 10:34:35 by CoolNinjaTMNTfan

@somespammer224 made a forum just to make people fight. -_-


2017-02-10 15:00:12 by CoolNinjaTMNTfan

What's up?

I'm feeling okay. (I guess)

2017-02-09 17:30:52 by CoolNinjaTMNTfan

It's just really sad when people die.  But i feel okay.  I was watching one of @MCQsquare's videos to cheer me up.

Here's the link for the video that i just watched.

My Aunt Patty died today in a car accident.

2017-02-09 16:39:19 by CoolNinjaTMNTfan


My sister is really sad right now.:'(


2017-02-04 20:28:48 by CoolNinjaTMNTfan

I think i'll make Goanimate videos someday.

I need Voice actors

2017-01-16 07:56:46 by CoolNinjaTMNTfan

I need Voice actors for Toadette's Worst TV, at least 3 voice actors

1. Toadette

2. Shadow the Hedgehog

3. Brown Yoshi

Lines for the character voice acting.

Toadette: I wonder what's on TV.

Toadette: (Turns on TV)

Brown Yoshi: There has been some new food in town,

Toadette: Really? Oh boy! What is it?

Brown Yoshi: The food today is Meatballs!!

Toadette: (Smacks her head on the Table)

Brown Yoshi: These food are very delicous, but you have to spend 1 BILLION doallors!

Toadette: Is this a joke?

Brown Yoshi: Thank you and Good Night.

(TV turns off automaticly)

Toadette: Well that was dumb.

Shadow and Amy: (walks near Toadette)

Shadow: What do you mean dumb?

Toadette: This Freaking TV! I loved it SO much when I was a kid.

Shadow: How old was it?

Toadette: 40 months.

Shadow: WHAT THE?!

Toadette: I know right? It's pretty crap and the worst.

Shadow: Why don't you just buy a new one?


Brown Yoshi: What's going on?

Toadette: (Gets her gun out)

Toadette: GET THE F*** OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!

Brown Yoshi: OH GOD!

Toadette: (Shoots and kills Brown Yoshi)

Shadow: What has gone into you Toadette?!?

Toadette: (Reloads her Gun)

Toadette: Screw my TV.

Toadette: And go make some sandwhiches for me, will ya?

Toadette: (Walks away)

Shadow: I don't know how to make sandwhiches you jerk.

Shadow: Oh! and by the way... the meatballs on the TV news actually cost 500 billion doallors.

Toadette: Wait WHAT?!?

Toadette: (Flys and smashes through the window)

(End of lines)


Brown Yoshi will already be voice acted by @PurplePixels

If you want to voice act, send me your voice acting audio for the sumbmission "Toadette's Worst TV"

after voice acting.

characters available, 

Toadette: The voice actor for Toadette must be an adult that is a girl that can voice act as Toadette.

Shadow: Can be voice acted by anyone.


2017-01-14 14:42:08 by CoolNinjaTMNTfan

Some how i've been banned and i can't comment on cank's news posts.

Did @troPSDNUORGWEN ban me? or someone else?

Song thief

2017-01-13 08:26:01 by CoolNinjaTMNTfan

troPSDNUORGWEN is a song thief.  TomFulp said that if @BlueAlpha14 & @cank say so... then he is.


@BlueAlpha14 & @cank are right