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Damn. O_O

2017-05-09 16:24:53 by CoolNinjaTMNTfan

Someone at my school got a SCRATCH near his eye.  He said it was a long story, so I don't know what happened .

I hope he's okay.


I'm not dead.

2017-04-28 15:28:30 by CoolNinjaTMNTfan

I haven't been on this website for a few days, I feel like i wanna start making games and pixel animations.

I feel lonley...

2017-04-20 19:14:35 by CoolNinjaTMNTfan

and bored too.

Happy Easter!

2017-04-16 08:16:46 by CoolNinjaTMNTfan

Happy Easter everyone!

I got ar cards, pokemon and other stuff!

Get ready for Easter!

2017-04-15 06:40:16 by CoolNinjaTMNTfan

Because it's coming tommorow! :D

Happy April Fools Day!

2017-04-01 07:55:53 by CoolNinjaTMNTfan

I just got fooled about my computer losing it's power.

I'm blocking donglepuss.

2017-03-26 19:31:56 by CoolNinjaTMNTfan

I'm blocking @donglepuss from my forums because when my Aunt Patty deid, he said "horray!"

What the hell is wrong with you @donglepuss??!!?

(I'll get my revenge soon.)

My mom is sick again.

2017-03-26 10:45:54 by CoolNinjaTMNTfan


I want to voice act for some videos, but i need to find a VOICE ACTING website.

Anyone know what website is a voice acting site?

It takes more than 5 minutes to finish loading.

I might as well use Microsoft Edge instead of Google Chrome.