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Not happy with my old forums.

2017-08-17 13:35:18 by CoolNinjaTMNTfan

I remember posting gender pictures on forums and a few people are grossed out.  I need @TomFulp to delete the 2 forums i've posted in the past.


i am also sorry (again) to the users who got grossed out on the gender pictures that i posted in the past.

Plus, i becamed a bit serious and not posting crappy stuff anymore.

P.S. where is @StaticSkull?


It's my Birthday today!

2017-08-10 09:49:35 by CoolNinjaTMNTfan

Awesome! :D

i'm back!

2017-08-09 08:52:44 by CoolNinjaTMNTfan

I had fun at West Virgina.  I even got to stay at papa's house.  I played with My 5 Year old Cousin Anakin and My sister @MineCraftLover12.  I even met people from West Virgina on my 3DS.  I also went to an Amusment park.  

(The Arcade was my Favorite.)  

P.S. Tomorrow is my BirthDay!  Sweet!  :D

Me, My sister, and my mom will be spending 4 days with my aunt Connie in West Virgina.  So I won't be on Newgrounds for a while.  I'll be back on Monday or Tuesday.   See ya. 

I doing good

2017-07-23 08:01:09 by CoolNinjaTMNTfan

I think i'm good.

I had a rough day today.  I kept on getting dirty, i got bug stinged,  and I have bad days alot.

I hate my stuipid life.  X""(

Her name is @MineCraftLover12.  You can check her out if u want to.

I'm doing good.

2017-06-18 17:00:18 by CoolNinjaTMNTfan

Just a bit bored but feeling good today.

This video is dumb.

2017-06-07 14:20:58 by CoolNinjaTMNTfan


2017-05-19 16:22:36 by CoolNinjaTMNTfan

How r u?